Leadership Expert Pam Wyess’ 10-4 Solution Gives
Managers the Tools They Need to Get Messages Heard, Understood and Handled

About 10-4 Solution

Driven by her passion for developing first-line managers, middle managers and service providers, leadership expert Pam Wyess founded the 10-4 Solution organization in 2013.  The 10-4 Solution is a practical, easy-to-implement method and approach to relationship building, leadership and management.  Leaders who work with our organization to implement the 10-4 Solution:

About Leadership Expert Pam Wyess

Pam Wyess, Leadership Expert

Pam Wyess, Leadership Expert

Pam Wyess’ career experience as a former police dispatcher, police officer and police lieutenant, and her formal education in Communication and Business provide a perfect foundation for helping others lead and communicate effectively.

Excelling as a police officer, Pam was able to put others at ease in often tense or uncomfortable situations.  Due to her high-level communication and interpersonal skills, Pam went on to become a training officer for new recruits; a Special Problems task-force member; a D.A.R.E. officer working with youth, teachers, and parents; a sergeant supervising patrol shifts, and eventually, a lieutenant leading a special assignment unit.

Following her resignation from the Ann Arbor Police Department in 1998, Pam went on to found Workplace Results, a training firm specializing in communication, team building and leadership development.

Drawing from her passion for developing first-line and middle managers as well as service providers, Pam founded 10-4 Solution in 2013, an organization committed to helping leaders get their messages heard, understood and handled.

In her roles as trainer, coach, and consultant, Pam brings credibility and real-life examples as she helps people problem solve and make good decisions, choose words carefully, and be personally accountable for their actions at work.

Pam Wyess served on the board of the Michigan chapter of the National Speakers Association from 2000 to 2007A professional speaker and member of the National Speakers Association since 1999, she served on the board of the Michigan chapter of the National Speakers Association from 2000 to 2007, which included serving as the 2003-2004 President and the 2005-2006 President. She also served a two-year term on the Chapter Leader Committee for NSA National.

Currently, she serves as the Liaison/Coordinator for NSA-MI’s ProTrack program, is a member of the Ann Arbor chapter of ASTD and the Livingston Area HR Association.  Since December of 2009, Pam has also served on the Alumni Relations Board for one of her alma maters, Madonna University.

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